French Conversation


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French Conversation - Laminated Study Guide.

Students and travelers can instantly create hundreds of sentences for communication in French. This 6-page laminated reference guide provides template sentences and a color-coded bank of words that can be plugged into those sentences. To change the sentence, pick a different color-coded noun, verb, or adjective for a wide range of sentences for communication. Categories follow those of a French 1 course, which are the same categories helpful to a world traveler.
6-page laminated guide includes:

  • Greetings (les salutations)
  • Social Courtesies (la politesse)
  • Numbers (les nombres)
  • French Pronunciation (la prononciation)
  • Basic Statements
  • Questions (les questions)
  • Expressing Opinions (les opinions)
  • Negatives (la négation)
  • Measurements (les dimensions)
  • Colors (les couleurs)
  • Money (l'argent)
  • Time (l'heure)
  • Days of the Week (les jours de la semaine)
  • Months of the Year (les mois de l'année)
  • Seasons (les saisons)
  • Errands & Shopping (les courses)
  • Directions (les directions)
  • The Family (la famille)
  • Weather (le temps) & Climate (le climat)
  • Personal Information (les renseignements personnels)
  • Food (la nourriture)
  • Habitat (l'habitation)
  • Entertainment (le divertissement)
  • Media & Communication (la communication)
  • Travel (le voyage)
  • Transportation (le transport)
  • Workplace (le travail)
  • Technology (la technologie)
  • Health (la santé)
  • Emergency situations (en cas d'urgence)