Free Havana

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Free Havana 2012 documentary directed by Eliezer Pérez Angueira. Six LGBT Cubans speak openly about their lives. Gay Rights is an issue heard around the world, including Cuba. Free Havana paints a vivid picture of what it has been like to be gay in Cuba through the candid stories of six gay and lesbian individuals. From the Batista era to the Revolution to the Mariel Boatlift to present-day Cuba, Free Havana exposes the evolution of gay life from a time when homosexuality was considered a punishable crime to current efforts to promote a greater acceptance of freedom of sexual orientation. Honest in approach and poignant in content, the stories of the six Cubans will inform and inspire as they touch your heart. In 2006, a shorter version of Free Havana (Habana Libre) became the first documentary of its kind to be screened at Havana's International Festival of New Latin Cinema, a milestone for LGBT cinema given the strict censorship in Cuba. 58 minutes.