Ruslan 3 CD-ROM - Lessons 5-7

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Ruslan 3 CD-ROM - Lessons 5-7 - Advanced Russian course - Lessons 5-7 for advanced students. Set in Siberia, this course takes learners to an advanced level in all four language skills, and gives a wide range of insights into life in Russia and Russian history and culture. There is also a Ruslan 3 book and audio CDs.

Ruslan 3 requires: PC; Windows 09/NT/ME/XP; Sound card; 486 66MHz processor 16MB RAM; 4X CD-ROM drive.

Features of this CD-ROM:
A continuation of the exciting 'Ruslan' storyline, set in Irkutsk and around Lake Baikul.
Background information texts
Several hours of recorded sound with a variety of different voices
Right click to translate and left click to listen
Vocabularies and word lists
Clear grammar explanations with recorded examples.
87 interactive exercises with sound and feedback
Songs and poems
A large number of up-to-date photos
A grammar revision section and full search facility.