Ruslan 1 CD-ROM

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Ruslan 1 CD-ROM Ages 10 - Adult. A full multimedia version of the Ruslan 1 beginners course for Russian with additional resources. (use with or without the book). All the dialogues offer pronunciation and translations. 285 interactive exercises with sound and feedback. There is an introduction to the alphabet and pronunciation. There are 10 Lessons - The Airport, The Street, The Family, Where were you?, The Hotel, The Restaurant, About Oneself, Time, The Theatre and The House. There are 52 dialogues with exciting storylines. The user can right click to translate into English, and the left click to listen to it read aloud. There is a complete vocabulary list and background information where needed. There are clear grammar explanations with recorded examples, and 279 interactive exercises, most with sound. There is a section on numbers and money and hints for travellers. Finally there are videoclips, a dictionary and a full search facility. The program does not track the students' progress, however a teacher can have the students list the rewards received, as not all lessons list rewards.

Now Available! Teachers Notes and/or a student workbook with exercises and activities.

Ruslan requires: PC; 486 66MHz +; 16MB RAM; 4X CD-ROM drive; Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP; Soundcard. If you install the CD-ROM fully on the hard drive - 40MB free hard drive space required.

Ruslan CDRoms will not work in a 64 bit environment. However several 64 bit users have reported that they are running Ruslan CDRoms successfully using "Virtual PC" software that is now available as a free download from the Microsoft website. This software emulates Windows XP.