Cama Adentro (Live-In Maid) DVD

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SKU: B000N18ZT4 Koch Lorber Films

Live-in Maid - Cama Adentro - 2004 film directed by Jorge Gaggero. A wealthy woman and her live-in housekeeper must adjust their entrenched routine and relationship when Buenos Aires is plunged into economic crisis. This film tells the story of a rich woman, Beba (Norma Aleandro, The Official Story), who has fallen on hard times and cannot afford to pay her electric or phone, much less her maid. The maid, Dora (Norma Argentina in her first role), is trying to build a house on the outskirts of town and needs the money to finish, so she quits to find another job. Everything is done with grace, as Beba tries to keep up appearances, even as she resorts to selling cosmetics door-to-door to pay the bills and to eat. The dance between employer-employee becomes more and more intricate as the power relationship changes. Unrated, 83 minutes.

The ending was a big surprise, but a testament to the love these two women had built up for each other over 30 years.