Fluent Tibetan CD-ROM

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SKU: 9781559390217 Snow Lion Publications

Fluent Tibetan CD-ROM - The Vocabulary and Dialogues. A proficiency oriented learning system - can be used on its own or with the full Fluent Tibetan book and audio course.

This CD-ROM is a supplement and addition to Fluent Tibetan. It contains all of the vocabulary and dialogues used in the four volume textbook as well as an additional seventeen intermediate-level dialogues. All of the vocabulary words, context sentences and dialogues on this CD-ROM are linked to audio resource files so that one can hear the proper pronunciation of any given word or phrase simply by the click of a mouse. Dialogues can be presented automatically with sound at varying rates - in Tibetan with English translation below or in English with Tibetan translation. Also provided is a Tibetan-English glossary that is searchable in both Tibetan and English.

Fluent Tibetan requires for PC: Windows 3.1 or later (use the Windows compatibility wizard to run this cd-rom on XP); CD-ROM drive; Sound card.