Fliegen Flattern Flugmaschinen (Flying, Fluttering, Flying Machines)

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Fliegen Flattern Flugmaschinen - Flying, Fluttering, Flying Machines - All Ages. Learn the history of flying and the different parts to make a plane to fly in a local competition through interactive activities in this bilingual program in German or English. This bilingual CD-ROM - play in either German or English - have Nick and Charly flying a kite near an airfield. When it crashes, the two go looking for it and end up in an airport hangar. They come across an invitation to the Long Distance Flying Competition. You help them find all the necessary pieces and put them together to make an airplane. Find photo albums with pictures of the first attempts at flying, learn about the history of flying. Talk to flight instructors or just use the extensive database. There are 3 interactive games to find and play as well.

Flying Machines requires for PC: Windows 3.1, 95, 98 or XP; 486+; Sound card; CD-ROM drive; 8MB RAM; 256 color display; Mouse. Macintosh requires: System 7.1+; 8MB RAM; CD-ROM drive.