Feiyue Basic Chinese Student's Book 1

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Feiyue Basic Chinese Student's Book 1

These books have been designed for use in the classroom, and are accompanied by MP3 and a teacher’s book which provides the keys to the exercises, listening transcripts, and appendices. The textbooks contain 22 lessons in total, with the content divided evenly between two books. Each book requires around 80 class hours to complete, or 1 semester in the US school system, as each lesson requires approximately 7 classes to work through. The lessons cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from banking to community service to literature and the arts, and aim to provide students with a greater knowledge of the daily life and culture of China.

Feiyue is suitable for high school students taking Chinese or taking AP Chinese courses. Upon completion, students will have a proficiency level expected to reach intermediate mid as rated by ACTFL.