Faut que ça danse

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Faut que ça danse! - (Let's Dance!) - 2007 film directed by Noémie Lvovsky. In this French comedy, Salomon Bellinsky is a French Jew who laid low in a cellar, rumor has it, during the war; his family was wiped out; he prefers not to discuss the Shoah or what he was up to at the time himself. Divorced, he is bursting with vitality and wants to enjoy whatever time he has left. Genevieve, his ex-wife, is slipping into madness and their daughter, Sarah, caught between her estranged parents, is trying to build a life with her fiancé François. Stars Jean-Pierre Marielle, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Sabine Azema, Bulle Ogier, Bakary Sangaré and Arié Elmaleh. Rated PG-14 in Canada for violence, French audio with optional English subtitles. 100 minutes.