Eye of Vichy DVD

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Eye of Vichy DVD - France's shocking collaboration with the Nazis - a 1993 French film by award winning director Claude Chabrol. The purpose of these newsreels is to show what the disinformation was then, and perhaps more generally to evoke the problem of the power of the mass media. Narrated by Michel Bouquet. Film is the closest to a time-machine that we yet know, and this remarkable compilation of authentic newsreels from the Vichy period, (and let's not forget, the Vichy regime was officially recognised as the legitimate government of France by the USA, the USSR and the Vatican), are particularly chilling since so much of what the politicians and official spokesmen of those times said is unsettlingly close to much of today's political rhetoric. We hear of a United States of Europe, 'a New World Order' that is 'all' Hitler is seeking to achieve, and how `patriotism' is always free of dissent or criticism. Black and white, 110 minutes. Narrated in English, 'Inside the Third Reich' photographic tour, trailer gallery and scene access.