ESL Power Talk

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ESL Power Talk - This resource book is all about COMMUNICATION. It is loaded with 2,400 strategies and speaking stimuli to increase communication in the ESL classroom. This is also a very helpful great "how to" book which give teachers many strategies they can use to develop their own communication activities.

Included are:
ideas for team building
ideas for props to enhance communication
creating "you are there" visual backdrops
630 situations to practice paired speaking skills
(inviting, convincing, complaining, asking, discuss, explain, console, compare, ask for information, etc.,)
making all grammar communicative
50 ways to talk about a picture
65 ways to talk about a portrait
100 survey topics
"I" cue sheet
Groups - getting everyone to speak
48 ideas for press conferences
24 ways to use text dialogues
creating life skills conversation situations
Docu-Talk - making documents communicative

25 communication activities to use with video segments
simulations and props
creating life skills role plays
25 ways to use a video clip
275 interview cues
80 topics for reporters
35 group role plays
listing activities
74 ideas for "Communicate and Create"
categories for cue cards
35 stories to recount
theater ideas
movie screen tests
easy-to-make communication cue sheets
50 random activities
...and more charts and surprises
154 pages, spiralbound.