Level 2 - Effi Briest

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Effi Briest by Theodor Fontane. Didactic editing, exercises, dossiers: Barbara Sauser. A masterpiece of German Realism, by Theodor Fontane!. Paperback book and audio cd.

Simplified and abridged text with explanation difficult words in footnotes | Exercises for Exam preparation Start Deutsch 2 | final test
Topics: Love and Friendship | Travel and adventure

Effi Briest is almost a child when she was with Baron Geert von Innstetten is married. The seventeen-year-old moves with him to a small town on the Baltic Sea. Innstetten cares too little about his young wife, who is bored away from family and friends. As she and him accompany the fun-loving Major Crampas on his morning rides

Therefore Effi is happy. Effi and crampas are set deep into autumn their trips on horseback. Years later, the couple is living in Berlin, makes Innstetten a bad discovery that will have big consequences ...