Dora the Explorer - Undercover Dora

Foreign Language DVDs


SKU: 097368528949 Nickleodeon

Dora the Explorer - Undercover Dora with audio in French, Spanish or English.

"Super Spies" - Super spies Dora and Boots need your help using their super Spy Gadgets - from a pair or Spy Glasses to a Swiper Detector - to stop Swiper from swiping Isa's cupcakes.

"Super Spies 2 - The Swiping Machine" - Swiper has a new swiping machine to swipe Tico's birthday presents! Help Super Spies Dora and Boots race to the rescue with their new gadgets and new Spy Friends too!

"Rojo, the Fire Truck" - Rojo is a shiny new fire truck who needs help from Dora, Boots and you as he sets out on his very first rescue mission to save a kitten stuck in a tree.

"Pinto, the Pony Express" - Cowgirl Dora and Cowboy Boots need to rustle up your help riding Pinto the Pony through the Wild West to deliver their cowboy cookies! Just watch out for Swiper!

98 minutes.