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DJ Delf Kit - Étienne's newest endeavour - This is a living, supplemental French resource that uses over 230 task-based, action-oriented activities (menus, registration forms, maps, interactive skits with interchangeable vocabulary, catalogue pages, order forms, etc.) to engage and guide students through a scaffolded, language-acquisition journey of reading, writing, listening and spontaneous speaking on their way to the destination of French fluency. 

Good for all grades and levels, the DJ DELF Kit is a career resource that uses only research-based, proven strategies and comes with over 100 “Big Ideas” (enduring understandings) complete with learning goals and success criteria. Easy to follow, easy to use, the DJ DELF Kit has been credited by teachers as being the French resource that gives them their “friends and family” time back. No planning. And all the evaluation and diagnostic tools are included. Want to order? Get your Kit immediately by download. 

Throughout the DJ Delf website, you will find shared projects, inspirations and ideas from thousands of current DJ DELF Kit users. You can view videos, exemplars, Kahoot games, Quizlet activities, extras, samples and more. The interactive blogs found throughout allow you to post comments and questions and allow you to post weblinks, ideas and exemplars of your own. Contact us if you have any questions.

A living, supplemental resource for French that engages students in spontaneous, real-life conversations and provides over 230 authentic tasks (maps, order forms, menus, registration forms, etc.) scaffolded for all levels using the action-oriented approach to learning. The D.J. D.E.L.F. Kit is the French Resource that is… « Déterminé à Enseigner la Langue Française »

The downloadable DJ DELF Kit includes:

AUTHENTIC TASKS and ACTIVITIES – Featuring nine real, life aspects (see video samples below) and includes a huge career resource binder filled with over 230+ authentic tasks and activities, skits with interchangeable vocabulary, CD (18 tracks), DVD (18 lyric videos), hypoallergenic ball, and incentive prizes. The DJ DELF Kit also includes, practice order forms, menus, maps and more. In addition, the Kit is complete with graphic organizers, R.A.F.T.S., interactive BINGO and board games, a music video making unit, internet research tasks, evaluation and assessment tools and metacognitive checklists.

ANIMATED VIDEOS PACKAGE – This optional add-on brings your students road to proficiency to life!

36 animated, interactive videos that cover daily, real-life aspects of life. These videos provide a scaffolded journey to French proficiency. They include 9 full sketch versions, 9 versions where your students will interact with the female francophone character of each sketch, 9 versions where your students will interact with the male francophone character of each sketch and 9 modifiable (blank bubble) versions for your students to practice with and to create their own original sketches.

DJ DELF Dailies – Spontaneous student engagement in French via daily riddles, subjects, photos and tips of the day (includes recording and diagnostic assessment tools). Use in class and/or join hundreds of daily student interactions online with feedback from DJ DELF himself.

BIG IDEAS – Includes over 100+ end goals (enduring understandings) complete with learning goals and success criteria for co-construction with your students to follow a scaffolded path of learning towards proficiency.

GREAT 8+ STRATEGIES – Start off each life aspect with a minimum of 8 engaging, research-based strategies designed to get your students discussing, sharing, moving around the classroom and learning about the upcoming life aspect.

BOOSTER PACKS – Forever free add-ons including extra strategies, authentic tasks, and diagnostic assessment tools. New Booster Packs added monthly.

PEDOGOGICALLY CORRECT SUPPORT – Includes diagnostic assessment tools, metacognition checklists, verification lists, rubrics and more.

SHOP TALK – Includes FREE weekly, online PD shareables sessions called SHOP TALK.

24/7 SUPPORT– You can email, message or text anytime. Plus you can request specific activities in Word document format to add your own student names or change activities to better suit your teaching situation.