Level 3 - Die Rauber

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Die Rauber by Friedrich Schiller. Didactic editing, exercises, dossiers: Gudrum Gotzman. The themes and motifs of the Sturm und Drang piece remained binding for Schiller until his last classic works and have not lost any of their fascination to this day. Paperback book and audio cd.

Simplified and abbreviated text explaining difficult words as footnotes | Exercises on reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar

Karl leads a dissolute student life. One day he decides to mend his ways and to his father and his love Amalia

to return. But Franz, his envious and unscrupulous brother, prevents his return. Karl feels unfairly treated and becomes leader of a gang of robbers, whereby he plunges more and more into his misfortune. The drama, which already drew the public at the premiere in 1782, became a great success and made Schiller famous. The drama about love, morality, freedom and justice is considered to be always up-to-date stage and literary classics.