Deux heures moins le quart avant Jesus Christ

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Deux heures moins le quart avant Jesus Christ DVD - A great French comedy from 1982 directed by Jean Yanne - blending Monty Python with the influence of Goscinny! This blend of Monty Python's humour with strong influence by Goscinny (the father of Astérix and other Franco-Belgian cartoons), especially in its use of anachronisms and burlesque humour. It also features a great cast with Coluche (playing the French average man as Ben Hur Marcel, the son of a garage man and plotter in spite of himself) and Serrault (an effeminate Cezar) at their best, and a handful of hilarious special guests (actors Darry Cowl, Paul Preboist, Michel Constantin, TV journalists Yves Mourousi and Leon Zitrone). All in French, 97 minutes.