Day of the Dead Book


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Day of the Dead by Linda Lowery and Illustrations by Barbara Knutson. Delightfully illustrated book in English about the Day of the Dead holiday. Kindergarten-Grade 3. Great reader for Lesson 3 - El dí­a de los Muertos - in the Sonrisas Cultural Curriculum.

Combining woodblock-style illustrations and a text addressed to 'you,' this easy-to-read title introduces various aspects of the Día de los Muertos celebrations common to Mexican and many Mexican-American communities. Noting roots in both Aztec and Catholic traditions, Lowery shows how the cycle of the growing season is tied to the cycle of human birth, life, and death and explains how the memorialization of the dead during this period of festivity is a time for joy rather than sorrow. Non-Latino youngsters will enjoy the links between Halloween and the Day of the Dead traditions and will shiver with pleasure at the decorations and treats-prominently featuring bones and skeletons-that may seem slightly ghoulish to those unfamiliar with the holiday. Knutson's lively illustrations reflect Mexican art, harvest celebrations, and the warm colors of autumn. There is a list of 11 Spanish words (and translations) at the back relating to the holiday. Paperback, 48 pages.