Czech-English/English-Czech Practical Dictionary

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Czech-English/English-Czech Practical Dictionary - Comprehensive bilingual dictionary. Spoken by more than 12 million people worldwide, Czech is an official language of European Union, and is widely recognized for its strong literary value as the native tongue of Milan Kundera, Jaroslav Seifert, and Bedřich Smetana. In addition, Prague has become a popular European travel destination, attracting over 4.1 million tourists a year. This useful dictionary proveides business people, travelers, and students with all the words they need to learn and communicate in Czech.


· More than 42,000 dictionary entries

· Included with each entry is practical information on genitive case ending, gender, pronunciation of nouns and adjectives

· Alphabet and pronunciation key

· Concise grammar of the language

Paperback - 520 pages.