Cuentos para chicos y grandes

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Cuentos para chicos y grandes by Hilda Pereira.

The selections range from the allegorical to descriptive narrative. In "Nadi," for example, the language and imagery are quite poetic. "Pedrin y la garza" ("Little Pete and the Heron") is about love lost and found, and the mood is dreamy and somewhat dreary. "Quintin" features a mischievous gnome who, seeking fame, invents sleep for human beings. In "El loro pelon" ("The Bald Parrot"), an American couple from Chicago learn about the value of home from a parrot they purchase while on a Caribbean vacation. The straightforward narrative pieces are much stronger than the allegorical ones. The black-and-white drawings add an element of whimsy to each story

Paperback, 89 pages.