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Crossword Challenge CD-ROM - Ages 12 - Adult. An easy to use, fully authorable crossword generator designed for ESL teachers. This is the school version - the program designed for home use is called '1,000,000 Crosswords in English'. This program offers 6 levels of difficulty. There are also 3 wordsearch options using words, clues or anagrams. Unlike many crossword generation programs that give one word clues, this program offers students proper definitions of words, often with examples of the word or phrase in use, as students would find in a student dictionary. With 100 new vocabulary items for verbs, adjectives, word partnerships and phrasal verbs, along with 150 for nouns, at each of the six levels (a total of 3300 lexical items) students can regard this program as an excellent learning tool.
You can change the size of the crossword and the level and type of words tested at any time, if you feel that the crossword chosen is wrong for your students. Crosswords can be printed off at any time if you want a puzzle for use in class. Crossword Challenge's other great facility is that students or teachers can create their own groups of words and input them easily into the program - and easily means extremely easily. The program will then generate a crossword with those words for a quick, useful and stimulating revision r

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Crossword Challenge requires: PC; Pentium 90+; Windows (all); CD-ROM drive; 10MB free hard drive space; High color display.