Conjuguons en Chansons CD and Booklet

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SKU: 978-1895523898 Sara Jordan

Conjuguons en Chansons CD and Booklet - Nine entertaining songs from Sara Jordan in French teach conjugations of high frequency verbs in the present, passé composé and future tenses including irregular verbs. The accompanying lyrics/activity book includes very good exercises.

The CD includes the following songs:
No. 1 Le verbe, c'est superbe!
No. 2 Les familles des verbes
No. 3 Verbes sans pareil
No. 4 On fait beaucoup de choses
No. 5 Nous allons en voyage
No. 6 Ça suffit Allons-y!
No. 7 Le passé composé
No. 8 Avoir l'auxiliaire
No. 9 On va s'amuser

A complement of 9 musical accompaniment tracks makes it possible for students to become 'performers' karaoke style, allowing further learning.