Comedias Cortas


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Comedias Cortas by Patti Lozano - Short and Simple fun skits for intermediate Spanish Speakers. This brand new book contains 33 pithy, droll, lively and engaging short plays (or long skits) for students learning Spanish at the late-beginner to mid-intermediate level. Written in Spanish, with stage directions in English, each "obrito" takes approximately 8-12 minutes to perform, and has roles for 3-8 actors. With the humor geared towards adolescent to adult readers, the skits in Comedia Cortas are the next level higher than its popular antecedent, Skinny Skits. This book focuses on the present tense, but explores other tenses as needed. There is a Spanish/English glossary at the end.

The 11 unites contain 3 skits each. The units are:

1) Vamos al centro (city vocabulary)

2) Las habitaciones de la casa (rooms and household items)

3) Los adjetivos (adjectives and descriptions)

4) Los animales del rancho (animal and farm)

5) Las preposiciones (prepositions)

6) Direcciones (giving and getting directions)

7) El transporte (transportation)

8) El mar (beach and sea animals)

9) Geografí­a y topografía (geography, topography and travel)

10) La higiene personal (personal hygiene and imperatives)

11) El zoológico (animals and habitats)

Paperback, 154 pages.