Coktel Kit

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Software


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Coktel Kit - Ages 4 - 10. This bundle of programs teaches pre-reading and beginning reading skills, math through fun activities and/or read a playtoon. This incredible 2 CD-ROM bundle from Germany includes 3 great programs: Adi Junior - the German version of the well-known French program 'Adibou'. It teaches pre-reading and beginning reading skills as well as math with entertaining and fun activities. Onkel Archibald, a Playtoon story where you can read the story in German or English and create your own animated cartoon and Gänseliesl: 'Mixed Up Mother Goose' - help Mother Goose by finding the items missing by 18 well-known nursery rhyme characters - play in your choice of German, French or English.

Coktel Kit requires: PC; Windows 3.1, 95 or 98; 486/33; 2X CD-ROM drive; 8MB RAM; SVGA 256 color display; Sound card.