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Cinema for German Conversation by Jeanne Schueller. This text is suited for courses in German that seek to use German language feature films as a springboard for conversation and culture, along with other communicative activities.

This book is intended primarily for intermediate to advanced learners of German at the university level, though many of the films are appropriate for high school students as well. It could be used in language, conversation and composition, or culture courses taught in German. The films dealing with historical events would also complement German history courses. With ample materials for each of the twelve films treated in the book, Cinema for German Conversation could be used in a single semester or spread out across multiple courses. Instructors might consider incorporating one or two films in third- and fourth-semester language courses and then cover more of the films in subsequent third-year conversation and composition classes. This is a language textbook grounded in applied linguistic research and is not intended to introduce students to film theory, though it may be of use in undergraduate courses on contemporary German cinema. Some attention has been paid to cinematic elements such as performance, text, dramatic structure, lighting, visual effects, sound and editing, but this treatment is neither systematic nor is the book cast in a particular film theoretical framework.

Cinema for German Conversation offers students and instructors a wide variety of pre- and post-viewing activities for use in class or at home. Each chapter includes images and text from the film and authentic readings. The diverse topics covered in the films, which were all released since 2000, range from battles on the front lines during World War I to present-day rebels. Most importantly, this book should appeal to students, help them improve their language proficiency, and increase their knowledge of German history and their interest in German culture.

Paperback, 354 pages.

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1. Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas) - this film is in French, German, English and Latin - we offer it under French DVDs - click here

2. Rosenstraße - available under German DVDs - region 1 - click here

3. Das Wunder von Bern 

4. Solino (Fatih Akin, 2002)

5. Das Leben der Anderen - available under German DVDs - region 1 - click here 

6. Berlin is in Germany (Hannes Stöhr, 2001)

7. Alles auf Zucker (Dani Levy, 2005)

8. Am Ende kommen Touristen (Robert Thalheim, 2007)

9. Im Juli (Fatih Akin, 2000)

10. Kebab Connection 

11. Die Blindgänger (Bernd Sahling, 2004)

12. Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei (Hans Weingartner, 2004)

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