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Chinese My Day and Me Thumball - Players respond to questions about themselves and their day using common interrogatives. The question and answer format will stimulate students and all players to utilize the language skills they have learned in class. In office settings, the questions will help serve as a “getting to know you” activity and stimulate interaction. Black and Gold, 32 panels. (4") Get the conversation going & bring language to life in your classroom or any setting with interactive questions and answers! One blank panel for writing your own prompt! Concept by Amanda Seewald, M.Ed.

What's Thumball? High quality, soft, stuffed (not inflated), soccer-style balls are safety tested (ages 3 & up), easy to toss & catch and pleasing to the touch. Give your own answer or ask someone in the group for the best in interactive learning and fun. Classrooms, camps, workshops, senior centers, reunions, therapy rooms... Thumball is there to start the conversation!

Ages: 3 to 100
Number of Players: 1 to 100
Goal: To have the most fun thinking and communicating.

Play Thumball™ anywhere: at home, in the car, at school, work and parties. Enjoy Thumball™ as you would any type of ball: Throw it! Catch it! Now, look under your thumb and react to the word, phrase, or graphic found there.

If your thumb lands on the title space or Shnoogie space select any space to respond to, it’s Your Choice! Every Thumball design has suggested ways to play from Easy to Hard, from Difficult to Challenge making it possible to work with varied ability levels at the same time.

For all Thumball Designs, 4 Initials Ways to React:

    1. Respond to the panel under your thumb by answering for yourself.
    1. Respond by asking another player to answer.
    1. Predict the answer another player would give.
    1. Once a group has played together several times you can add the challenge of recalling an answer provided by another player on a previous day.

For More Thumball Fun

    • Roll, pass, toss, or kick Thumball™ among players.
    • Circulate Thumball™ clockwise, counterclockwise or random direction.
    • Specify right thumb, left thumb or the finger of your choice to play the game.
    • Players can respond to the space themselves or ask another player to respond.
    • Select time limits for responses and length of game.
    • To add competition, players can earn and/or lose points for each response.