HSK 3 - Chinese Legends

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Chinese Legends - by Li Wei and Cosetta Tolu.  HSK 3 - 600 words.

How was the earth and man created? How were the properties of tea discovered? How did Chang'e, a young woman who didn't want to lose her beauty, fly to the moon with Yutu, the Jade Rabbit? This book includes ten stories, ten journeys between past and present, in a world where the gods and mortals live in harmony and where story and myth are entwined. Paperback, 64 pages and link to the mp3 download.

This book offers:

Grammatical structures and vocabulary according to HSK3 standards

Glossary with pronunciation and translation

No pinyin in text to encourage the habit of reading authentic material

Activities at the end of each chapter

Complete glossary at the end in alphabetical order (in Chinese and Italian)

An audio recording of the whole book