Chinese Character Dictionary

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SKU: 978-0887273148 Cheng & Tsui

Chinese Character DictionaryThis pocket-sized guide to the core 2,000 characters provides the easiest road to success in written Chinese. The many rules and characters of Chinese present learners with what can seem like an overwhelming amount of complicated information, and tasks such as writing characters correctly are often a major stumbling block. In this dictionary aimed specifically at learners, characters are organized alphabetically by pinyin and are printed in large, clear fonts (both Kai and Song script) in two colors, making it easy to discern their appearance and structure, and to distinguish between similar-looking characters. Basic meanings and examples of use are given in English and pinyin, and each entry also includes information on radicals, number of strokes, stroke order, structural classification and the diagrammatic form of each character. Simplified characters.

Paperback, 544 pages.