Chinese 101 in Cartoons - For Eating Out

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Chinese 101 in Cartoons - For Eating Out - This book is for beginners of Chinese who are interested in Chinese food. There are 101 commonly used conversational expressions for people to get around restaurants. Tips are provided on Chinese classic dishes and food culture. There is an audio cd included in MP3 format.

This series is intended for foreigners who have no command of Chinese and are studying, travelling, or living in China; Supplements each sentence pattern with multiple substitutive elements; Features lively cartoons as aids for learning; Includes cultural tips and information. Each book in this series is designed to cater to the various needs of different people. The 101 expressions selected are all used frequently in daily conversation. The series mainly has two features: the lively and colorful cartoons which help readers better understand the conversational scenes; the recording of standardized Mandarin Chinese, which is necessary to help develop the correct pronunciation.

Paperback and cd - 124 pages.