Chez Moi - Teacher's Manual

Etienne - French Rock Songs to Teach French

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Chez Moi - Teacher's Manual - Teacher's Manual to accompany the Chez Moi CD - an indispensable tool for the CD. Let Étienne get you 'pedagogically correct' with this 'Common Curriculum' coded Manual for his great French music cd! Specifically useful worksheets were created for this manuals to be used in the classroom. Each song is covered including a thorough introduction supported by worksheets, wonderful hints, a play, game ideas etc. The Teacher's Manual (59 pages) comes with a fantastic ROCK VIDEO UNIT!!! Introduce your students to an opportunity to shoot their very own rock videos that would teach students in the year 2050 how to use the verb 'Être' or know their way around 'La salle de classe.' The Rock Video Unit included in the Chez Moi Teacher Manual will make French music stars out of your students. A perfect unit to end the year with, students are led through the process of creating real rock videos aimed at teaching future students the Étienne song of their choice.
Make the Verbal/Vocabulary Baseball game found in this manual a weekly event. Watch as the game of baseball takes on a whole new exciting form as your students reinforce vocabulary and verb tenses.
The Puis-je poser une question sheets are perfect for maximizing the use of spoken French in your classroom.
The challenge of the worksheets that accompany each song are sure to keep your students' skills sharp.
Each song begins with a thorough introduction including target structures, tips on introducing the songs, using the follow-up worksheets and complete instructions on all suggested dance movements or song actions.