Billi Banni Rechenzirkus/Malen Schreiben & Spielen

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Software


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Ages 4 - 8. Billi Banni Rechenzirkus/Malen Schreiben & Spielen - German version of 'Reader Rabbit Math' bundled with 'Paint, Write and Play'. Two great programs bundled together:
Billi Banni Rechenzirkus - The German equivalent to Reader Rabbit Math. Learn general first grade skills, addition and subtraction, wordbuilding, through entertaining and delightful games. Malen, Schreiben und Spielen - German equivalent of The Learning Company 'Read, Write and Play'. Encourage the creativity of your child!.illi Banni requires: PC; 486DX/66+ (Pen recomm.); 8MB RAM; Win 3.1x, 95 or 98; 11MB free HDS; 2X CD-ROM drive; SVGA 256 color display; Sound card; Mouse.