Bilingualbee Alphabet

DVDs in Spanish for young Children


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Bilingualbee Alphabet DVD - this innnovative new multingual dvd teaches letters in French, Spanish, English, German and Turkish - all on one dvd. Created by parents, Bilingual Bee 'Alphabet' explores letters in an entertaining way using everyday objects, toys, and real-life footage, set to cultural classic music.

Bilingual Bee offers two effective methods to learn a new language:
Full immersion: Video and audio in one language.
Assisted-immersion: Additional audio assistance from one of the five languages:
English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish

Many studies show that early exposure to multiple languages can improve a child's potential of success through school and life. Bilingual Bee utilizes innovative methods to expose children to up to five languages with one DVD: English, French, German, Spanish, and Turkish.

Bilingual Bee Alphabet includes a selection of languages and methods to allow you to teach your child in the most effective way that fits your needs.

The full immersion method provides the audio and video of the language of your choice, and completely immerses the child to that language. The assisted-immersion method provides audible assistance (a single audible hint for the letters and words) in the native language while still immersing the child in the foreign language.

Each letter in the alphabet is accompanied by a word and language-specific cultural classic music that has been carefully selected. Letters and words are repeated multiple times to optimize learning, followed by a summary at the end of each alphabet.

The proven methods of repetition and your choice of full or assisted-immersion, along with music conducive to learning, make Bilingual Bee a very unique and effective choice for bilingual education.

Fortunately, while Bilingual Bee Alphabet is intended and designed for children, its innovative features make it a simple language-learning tool that can be utilized by all ages!
Approximately 23 minutes per language.