Bilingual Songs English - Spanish CD - volume 3

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SKU: 9781553860358 Sara Jordan

Bilingual Songs English - Spanish CD - volume 3 - These thirteen upbeat bilingual songs teach: greetings, gender, articles, plural forms of nouns, cardinal and ordinal numbers, descriptive, possessive and demonstrative adjectives, punctuation and much more... The CD is packaged with an activity/lyrics book to enhance learning and reinforce the lessons being learned in these songs:
No. 1 Introduction / Introducción
No. 2 Pleased to Meet You / ¡Mucho gusto!
No. 3 Remember the Gender / Recuerda el género
No. 4 Articles / Los artí­culos
No. 5 Plurals in the Circus / Los plurales en el circo
No. 6 Dates / Las fechas
No. 7 There Is, There Are / Hay
No. 8 A Latin Party / Una fiesta latina
No. 9 My House is Your House / Mi casa es su casa
No. 10 Which One? / ¿Cuál será?
No. 11 I'm Shopping / Voy de compras
No. 12 A Capital Idea! / ¡Una idea estupenda!