Beginning Kazakh

Beginning Kazakh

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ISBN/MPN: 978-1929986026

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Ages 12 - Adult. Beginning Kazakh - This 2 CD-ROM set with 20 lessons is the equivalent of a textbook, workbook, audio and video. This complete program for learning Kazakh includes: 25 video dialogues and readings by native speakers and over 10,000 audio recordings. It has been classroom tested and there are extensive footnotes and graphics. The activities for each lesson are: Browse, Multiple Choice, Vocabulary Completion, Audio Flashcards, Pronunciation and Listening Dictation.

Beginning Kazakh requires: PC; Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP; 486+; 16MB+ RAM; 2X CD-ROM drive; SVGA (or better); Sound card; Speaker, and 9MB free hard drive space; Microphone recommended.

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