Babar - La fête est Finie DVD

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Babar - La fête est Finie DVD - Babar - All Played Out and 3 other episodes - Bilingual French dvd with everyone's favorite elephant. La fête est finie (All Played Out) - Babar and the children have no idea just how much they have been taking Celeste for granted, until she wins the lead role in Basil's new theater production.
Le serpent d'eau douce (The Unsalted Sea Serpent) - When a mysterious creature is sighted in the Celesteville lake, Babar calls upon a famous undersea explorer to help him protect it from the clutches of Rataxes.
Si ce n'est le tien, c'est le mien (What's Mine is Mine) - After a calculating con-man lures Arthur into throwing away his life savings for a worthless mine, Zephir and Arthur plan to teach the thief a lesson.
Un objet d'art (Art Object) - When two inept thieves make off with Arthur's treasured state, Babar is called in to solve the mystery.
1 hour and 32 minutes.