Level 2 - Aus den Leben Eines Taugenichts

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Aus den Leben Eines Taugenichts by Joseph von Eichendorff. From the life of a good-for-nothing. Didactic editing, exercises, dossiers: Barbara Sauser. A fun story about discovery and travel, which combines the love of nature with a thirst for adventure. Level A2. Paperback book and audio cd.

Text with explanation of difficult words as footnotes |
Exam preparation exercises Fit in German 2 | Final exam
Topics: Love and Friendship | Travel and adventure

"You're sitting in the sun again, and I have to do all the work alone. Spring is here, go out into the world and earn yourself your bread! "Nothing better than that! Cheerful goodbye to the young good for nothing from his father and set off to make his fortune in the world. The adventurous journey over mountain and valley leads him to Rome and finally to the homeland back where a surprise awaits him. Taugenichts is one of the best-known stories of German Romanticism.