Asterix - Der Kampf der Häuptlinge

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Asterix and Harry Potter in German


SKU: 978-3770400041 Egmont Ehapa

Asterix - Der Kampf der Häuptlinge - (Asterix and the Big Fight - English translation of the title) - The first of the great 'Village under threat' stories. In this Asterix book, in German, Obelix offers customers express-delivery of his menhirs. A class at Professor Berlix's school for modern-languages is made to conjugate the Latin verb Mensa by rote. The punning of Goscinny/Bell/Hockridge really comes to a head here. Wordplay at the expense of a fish-smelling cauldron is sustained over two whole pages; and a similar page-length is devoted to puns about the unfortunate Infirmofpurpose's color-changes. The Druid Psychoanalix runs a surgery replete with a 'Consulting Hut', a 'Waiting Glade' and a patient who thinks he's Napoleon. The Big Fight itself carries side-show attractions and fairground rides, including 'Dodgem Chariots' and a 'Switchbax' roller coaster. Paperback, 48 pages.