Arabic Nursery Rhymes volume 1

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SKU: 892954002878 Arabic Songs for Kids

Arabic Nursery Rhymes - volume 1. Sing along to your favorite Arabic Nursery Rhymes. This music CD will have your child singing, dancing, & clapping to the rhythms of old and new Arabic children's music. Happy, easy to understand songs make this CD an essential addition to your Arabic library.  

The 18 songs are:
1. These Chicks
2. Colors all around
3. The Shapes Song
4. This is how Birds Fly
5. I am an Artist
6. I am the Square
7. The Rabbit and the Deer
8. If I were a Blue Butterfly
9. The Moon is Round
10. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
11. Cars
12. I am an Oval
13. On our Farm
14. The Vegetable Market
15. My Crescent
16. The Fingers on my Hand
17. I am a Rectangle
18. I am a Triangle