Animals all around

Arabic dvds to learn Arabic and Films in Arabic


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Animals all around - The twenty minute Arabic dvd exposes children to animals from their environment in the Arab world. The video is divided into three parts: animals in our house (cat, dog, bird, fish, spider), animals in the desert (horse, ostrich, arabian oryx, camel), and animals in the farm (cow, sheep, ducks, and baby chicks). The animals are introduced in an exciting way through puppet skits, animation, live action sequences and Arabic nursery rhymes

Animals all around will engage your child and have them singing, dancing, and clapping to the rhythms of old and new Arabic Nursery rhymes. The film will take them on a dazzling animal tour filled with puppets, animation, and rich images all with an Eastern flare.

The video contains original score composed by Arab musicians employing Arabic instruments and rhythms. This dvd is similar in it's delivery to Baby Einstein Arabic. It is not a Disney product but is authentically Arab in it's design, creation, and production


Duration: 22 Minutes

Ages: Baby 6 months to Preschool 5 years

Language: Arabic. Standard Fusha Arabic with some colloquial levant accent (esp Palestine/Jordanian and at times Lebanese).