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American Sign Language Conversation - Essential sign language knowledge for use in conversation, this 6-page laminated guide covers the most important aspects of communicating in ASL. Includes photo examples of often-used words and phrases to illustrate concepts of action and/or movement that make communication clear while adding emotional emphasis that always makes for good conversation.
Suggested uses:
o Beginner – who would like to sign as a language whether needing to communicate with friends or family, those who may need signing for work, or those who like to be prepared for any kind of conversation
o Instructors/Teachers/Professors – quick reference tool for continued use throughout a course
o Students – quick and easy reference tool

Topics covered include:
• Five Basic Sign Parameters
• ASL Syntax & Grammar: Noun & Verb Pairs, Verbs & Directionality, Word Order, Personal & Possessive Pronouns, Negation, Sentence Types, Classifiers
• Conversational Signs: With Photos, Variety of Conversation Starters & Answers