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Afro-Portuguese Odyssey CD - From Lisbon to Luanda, Putumayo brings us a captivating musical journey through the former Portuguese colonies of Africa. The music of Portugal's former colonies in Africa - Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, and Mozambique - combines elements of African, Portuguese, and Brazilian music to create some of the most exquisite music the world has to offer. Featuring some of the most important figures in contemporary African music as well as many discoveries who aren't yet known outside their homeland, An Afro-Portuguese Odyssey captures the magic of a unique musical world. Putumayo's first collection of Afro-Portuguese music, the 1999 release Cape Verde, has become one of the label's biggest-selling and most beloved titles. An Afro-Portuguese Odyssey continues and expands on this journey by revisiting the music of Cape Verde and uncovering more melodic musical gems from other Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) countries such as Angola, Guinea-Bissau, and Mozambique.

The artists and songs are:
1. Paulo Flores - Ze Inacio
2. Mabulu - Maldeyeni
3. Eneida Marta - Na Bu Mons
4. Mendes Brothers - Cor Di Rosa
5. Ruy Mingas - Homenagem A Liceu Vieira Dias
6. Agusto Cego - Nha Fidjo
7. Banda Maravilha - Canta Forte
8. Manecas Costa - Ermons Di Terra
9. Bidinte - Considjo Di Garandis
10. Dulce Neves - N'tchanha
11. Ze Manel - Bu Fidjo Femia
12. Leonel Almeida - Ti Jom Poca
13. Jovino Dos Santos - Africa Mamae