Advanced Kazakh

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SKU: 9781929986071 Critical Language Series

Advanced Kazakh - This advanced dvd-rom for learning Kazakh contains the equivalent of a one year college course for the learner, comprised of video dialogues and readings by native speakers, thousands of audio recordings, graphics, and extensive notes. There are 17 video dialogues and readings by native speakers, and a video tour of Almaty, Kazakhstan (43 minutes total video), Over 4,100 audio recordings, including original Kazakh music, and extensive footnotes, vocabulary,and idiomatic phrases. There are the following types of exercises for each lesson: browse, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, flash cards, pronounciation, listening comprehension and listening dictation.

Advanced Kazakh requires: Windows 2000/XP with a DVD-ROM drive and screen resolution 1024x768 +; Internet Explorer 5.5 +; Sound card and Windows Media Player 7 or greater. Microphone recommended. (This disc will not play on a standard home DVD movie player).