Adibou 6 - 7

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Adibou 6-7 - Great all French program for language and math with a delightful alien character, Adibou, to guide you through the activities. For PC or Mac. 15 activities to prepare for reading and math - each has 3 difficulty levels and 10 games. JE LIS: improve reading: recognition of sounds, associate images and words, writing through games: find the absurd word, word puzzles, hunt for the intruders and more. JE CALCULE: At the fun fair - objects and characters become animated. Learn addition, subtraction, compare and more. Adibou makes corrections and tracks each user?s progress. Cartoons, 23 clips, songs and a diploma to print.

Adibou Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP; Pentium III 500MHz; 128 MB RAM (256 MB with XP); Graphics card with 8MB RAM; Sound card; 8X CD-ROM drive.
For Mac: Mac OS 10.3; iMac or G3 500MHz; 256 MB RAM; Graphics card with 8MB RAM; 8X CD-ROM drive.