Abrir Paso 1 Set of 1A-1M - Spanish Beginners 1

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SKU: 2-921554-58-5 Miraflores

Abrir Paso Set 1A - 1M - Spanish Beginners 1 - These Miraflores texts serve as enrichment material and are used alongside a middle or high school textbook to give students the opportunity to deal specifically with cultural material. The texts serve two further purposes: reading and vocabulary development. Set of 11 units.

Teach culture from day 1! This set of copy masters gives the classroom teacher and her students a level specific workbook of cultural information, all easily understandable. Help your students go beyond simply reading words to thinking about the many facets of the Spanish speaking world. Ride the Metro in Mexico City, study Picasso, talk about soccer. Using cognates, charts, short texts and images, advance your studentÂ’s basic knowledge not only of the structures, but also of the Spanish speaking world. Buy the Beginning set 1A-1M - 13 copy masters (Present tense only) - see each one for full description.