A2 - Le Jeu des Quatuors

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Le Jeu des Quatuors is an engaging fun card game that helps students to learn useful everyday vocabulary and practice new words. This game allows students to expand their vocabulary, improve their comprehension and develop their logical-reasoning ability, helping them to boost their overall written and oral knowledge of the foreign language.

• Box
• 132 cards
• instruction booklet

Key Features:
• The pictures on the cards will help learners to assimilate and memorize new terms in a fun natural way.
• The game is straightforward, user-friendly and familiar to people all over the world so no time will be wasted in working it out.

The objective of the quartet game is to create sets of four cards belonging to the same category, or otherwise three cards of the same kind plus a joker.

Teacher’s Guide
The instruction booklet contains instructions and tips about the many different ways to use this game: for lessons either in a classroom or at home, or for distance learning during online courses or lessons.