A2-B1 How are you?

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How are you? is a board game with an illustrated playing board where players move along the path and have to reach the finish line by overcoming a series of trials relating to the body, well-being and a healthy lifestyle, such as simple physical exercises.


The game helps students to learn, revise and correctly use vocabulary related to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


The game includes 132 cards divided into six categories: yellow cards (draw the illustrated item), green cards (mime a state of health), blue cards (say the illustrated word), orange cards (answer a question), red cards (answer true or false), purple cards (ask what type of doctor cures a particular health problem), a playing board with a track of 100 spaces, a numbered dice in order to advance along the board, a dice with coloured faces (yellow, green, blue, orange, red, purple).


During online lessons and courses, all of the cards can be used with just a few changes to the game. For example, the questions, both the ones with true or false answers and the ones with multiple choices, can be asked during online lessons and the illustrated cards can be a tool to prompt players to describe what the pictures show.