A Native American Odyssey CD

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A Native American Odyssey CD - This compilation of Native American music from Putumayo features contemporary music from the indigenous peoples of the Americas, and includes artists from the Northwest Territories in Canada to the Andes in Peru and Bolivia. This CD brings together indigenous artists from North, Central and South America. This compilation celebrates both the diversity and richness of Native American cultures. It revels in their similarities as well as their differences. It is not a comprehensive overview of the indigenous music of the Americas, nor is it a collection of traditional music. With a few exceptions, the artists featured here represent new trends in Native music. Most of the music on this collection reflects the way in which indigenous peoples incorporate the music around them from the predominant culture and, by blending in elements of their tradition, make it their own. The main goal of this compilation, as with all Putumayo World Music recordings, is to present a selection of great music which will hopefully entertain, surprise, and inspire you to explore even further.

1. Kashtin - Akua Tuta
2. Tudjaat - Qiugauiit
3. Andrew Vasquez - Wind River
4. Bill Miller - Ghost Dance
5. Burning Sky - Native Funk
6. Jerry Alfred & the Medicine Beat - Nendaa - Go Back
7. Jaramar - La Tortuga
8. Binni Gula'za - Ni'bixi Dxi Zina
9. Marlui Miranda - Araruna
10. Regional Vermelho e Branco - Vale do Javari
11. Los Incas - Tema de Maimara
12. Bolivia Manta - Chayantenita
13. Expresión - Ollantay