A B Cirque cd-rom

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A B Cirque - Ages 3 - 6. This bilingual cd-rom will introduce young children to letters and words in French. 8 educational games designed to help 3- to 6-year old children learn to read and count. This is an original multimedia product designed by multimedia and education specialists.

The A B Circus clowns are waiting for your child to juggle with letters, numbers and geometrical shapes. The clowns set the stage so the child will enjoy learning: they give directions, pronounce the letters and numbers, and reward correct answers with whistling and thumbling to the sounds of the circus music.

The Learning objectives: Know and discriminate letters, numbers and geometrical shapes.
Reading readiness: Recognize lower- and upper-case letters, Know the names of letters, Match lower- and upper-case letters, Know the alphabet
Counting: Recognize the numbers, Know the names of digits and numbers, Count objects, Know the numbers from 1 to 20,

Game details - The ABCircus tent is full of characters and activities :
Recite the letters in alphabetical order and the numbers in numerical order with THE MASTER OF CEREMONIES
Count the objects that the MAGICIAN makes appear
Help the MOUSE make her way through the labyrinth by eating letters and numbers, in the correct sequence of course.
Discover the hidden letters, numbers and shapes with the beam of a flashlight in THE MAGICAL FRAME
Form giant letters or geometrical shapes by fitting the pieces into place on THE PUZZLE
Arrange letters, numbers and shapes on THE BOARD
Arrange letters, numbers, and shapes in the correct order and THE STOOLS will support them
Pair the engraved numbers, letters and shapes on the MAGICAL WOODEN BOARD.

A B Cirque requires for PC: 80486 processor+; Windows 95/98/XP; 8MB RAM; 256 Color, 640x480 monitor and card; CD ROM drive; Sound card
Macintosh requires: 68020, 68030, 68040 processor or PowerPC; System 7.0 or higher; 4MB of RAM or more; 256 Color, 640x480 monitor; CD ROM drive.