5 par Jour Sr. Edition

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5 par jour - Sr. Edition - Teachers! Tired of one-word answers? 5 Par Jour's formulation is based on a simple theory: when students learn how to orally respond in complete sentences, practicing on a daily basis, they are more successful and able to respond in written form. 5 Par Jour's questionnaires may be used in a variety of ways to enhance both the oral and written skills of intermediate/senior students.

Setting up a fun and stimulating 5 minute daily questioning routine in your classroom is possible with 5 Par Jour! Included in this package are 20 worksheets based on the 10 most frequently used French interrogatives, in addition to 10 month-titled question sheets. Every activity sheet contains a variety of themes that appeal to the adolescent learner. As well, this unit is comprised of 2 sets of questionnaires for each interrogative and month. This format will allow you to use different question sheets from year to year.

The use of 5 Par Jour in your classroom not only teaches students the essentials of questioning; it also heightens their level of participation. Furthermore, 5 Par Jour's question sheets provide the beginning of the response. This structure alleviates intimidation, and provides a non-threatening environment for speaking.