5 par Jour Junior Edition

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5 par jour - Junior Edition - Le voilà! The "junior edition" maintains the same philosophy as the original "5 Par Jour" intermediate unit, but instead offers ways to enhance both the oral and written skills of junior F.S.L. students. Setting up a fun and stimulating 5 minute daily questioning routine in your classroom is possible with "5 Par Jour" (junior edition)! Whether this established routine is done in written and /or oral form, both will prove beneficial. Included in this package are 2 sets of questionnaires comprised of 20 worksheets, based on the 10 most frequently used interrogatives. There are also 10 month-titled question sheets. Themes are meant to appeal to the interest levels of junior-aged students.

For each question, the beginning of the response is provided. Also, the first part of each question sheet contains a minimum of 4-5 consecutive questions that are related. This set-up provides the opportunity for a short conversation. Repetition of certain types of questions are, at times, included to allow for easier comprehension. In addition, there are suggested activities, 3 final tasks, and provided rubric evaluations.

The use of "5 Par Jour" (junior edition) in your classroom not only teaches students the essentials of questioning, but it also heightens their level of oral participation. Its structure helps to alleviate intimidation and provides a non-threatening and fun environment for speaking.