Customer Testimonials

For those of you who have bought from us in the past, please add your testimonials by sending an email to and thank you in advance for taking the time to do so.

"You always get the most remarkable service from World of Reading.  Orders come faster than you think possible.  Also, if you are not sure exactly what you want, Cindy will talk to you and give you wonderful advice.  Her knowledge is encyclopedic! This company is the very best source for materials for foreign language teachers.  She is a pleasure to order from."
Memarie Christoforo
Maine, USA
"I highly recommend World of Reading, not only for its wide variety of products, but especially for its personalized service.  Ms. Tracy is very knowledgeable about all the products and is willing to spend the time to match the product to the need.'
Virginia vonReichbauer
World Languages
Moorestown Upper Elementary School
Moorestown, New Jersey
"A true gem for finding high quality and unique foreign language products that are student approved."
Eileen M. Angelini, Ph.D.
Professor of French
Chair, Department of Modern Languages
Canisius College
Buffalo, New York
"I don't know if you know this, but I have been doing business with you for about 9-10 years....first for Normandale French Immersion School in Edina. MN.  Then I stayed home with our daughters who we are raising I purchased some items for home (lots of Lapin Malin).  I currently teach 2nd grade, in English, but offer a French "splash" to you once again helped me select and order interactive CD Roms for that program 2 years ago.  In each stage, Cindy, you have offered me personal advice for selections.  YOU need to know how much it pays off to run a business with your kind words, actions and honest transactions.  I have had your link on my school website for 3 years and I encourage families who want to follow-up on the French to order from you.  I do REALLY appreciate that you are out there!!
"Have a blessed day!"
:) Lisa
"Good day Cindy,
I really thank you for the attention you put on this order.  I hope receiving the books soon and I ensure you that they will be handy.  I am glad there are people that stick on their commitment (e.g. Monolingualism can be cured!), because you are already curing mine.  Please be indulgent with my English: as you see, I am still working on it and I am determined."

"Received the products and they look good.  I will preview over the weekend and start Monday.  Looking forward to it.  Thank you so very much for all your personal help and assistance.  You made my long search come to fruition and I did it talking to a real person!!! What a concept!!!"

"The books arrive very promptly and even before the estimated delivery dates! The books are in pristine condition, and what threw me off, is that I had placed an order for the same book on Amazon, and three weeks later, I cancelled it, because it had not yet shipped. The same day, I placed an order for the book on World of Reading and I received it within 4 days!
"Wow! Keep up the good work."
Kesha Kanakiya